Docks Tour 4. North Warehouse

Situated at the northern end of the main basin, North Warehouse was built in 1827 by the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company for corn merchants to rent space. In the large basements, wine and spirit importers would store their wares.

The design of the warehouse served as a model for the other large warehouses at the docks. You will notice a bell high up on the south-eastern corner of the building. This was salvaged from the Atlas sailing ship in 1832, and it became the signal of the start and the end of the dock workers’ daily shifts. In 1941, the Atlas Bell was ‘borrowed’ to become a navigation aid during foggy weather at Sheppardine. Gloucester Civic Trust reinstated the bell in 1986.

North Warehouse was restored in the 1980's by Gloucester City Council for use as offices, with a Civic Suite on the top floor. As the need for council office space has declined, whilst the Civic Suite has been retained, the other floors have been let as office space to private companies.


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Longitude and latitude for North Warehouse: 51.864054,-2.252181

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