Kings, Queens and Martyrs Tour 4. Bishop Hooper's Monument

Built in 1862 to commemorate the site of the execution of the second Bishop of Gloucester.

Under the reign of the Catholic Queen Mary I, Bishop John Hooper refused to renounce his protestant faith and was burnt at the stake in 1555.

When workmen were digging foundations for the monument, a charred wooden stump was found.  This is now on display in the Folk Museum.


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Fun Fact

Eye witnesses said the execution did not go to plan. First, the straw was too damp and the fire only smouldered. Bishop Hooper complained to his executioners "For the love of God, friends, give me more fire." By the time dry wood was brought and the execution got underway, the whole saga took 45 minutes. Bags of gunpowder were placed in the wrong position and the protestant martyr remained fully conscious as he died a grisly death.


Longitude and latitude for Bishop Hooper's Monument: 51.868228,-2.248507

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