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Kyneburgh Tower

Kyneburgh Tower

Climb up the steps and out of the docks and you will find Kyneburgh Tower.

The tower symbolises the journey from life to death and beyond, taken by Kyneburgh, a local saint. She was a Saxon princess who fled from an arranged marriage. She was adopted by a Gloucester baker, whose wife killed her in a fit of jealousy, disposing of the body down a well. The well became know as St Kyneburgh’s Fountain and pilgrims travelled for miles to benefit from its supposed healing powers.

The installation of the 16 metre tall sculpture in 2011 signalled the completion of the 'Linkages' scheme, to improve the connection between the docks and the city centre. From here the Docks Tour ends but you can continue onto the City Centre Tour and learn about Gloucester’s 2,000 years of history


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