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Llanthony Bridge

Llanthony Bridge

There have been three bridges on this site, the first being a wooden swing bridge to cross the newly built docks in 1794. An iron swing bridge was then constructed to replace it in the 1860's to link up the Midland Railway which ran on opposite sides of the docks.

The lift bridge you see today was built in 1972. It is raised by the bridgekeeper between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

During the award-winning Gloucester Tall Ships Festival (which takes place every 2 years), spectators flock to the docks on the first and last days of the event to witness the sight of a flotilla of tall ships arriving and leaving Gloucester Docks passing under the raised bridge.


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Fun Fact

For those of you that wish to venture slightly off the route, you can take the short walk along the canal and past Gloucestershire College to find a 12th century priory. In 1120’s the Sheriff for the County and Constable of Gloucester Castle, Walter of Gloucester, retired to a Llanthony Priory in the Black Mountains of Wales.


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