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Soldier's of Gloucester Museum

Soldier's of Gloucester Museum

Formerly the Custom House, the building features a neo-classical facade on the road side. It was built in 1845 to deal with the increased foreign trade into Gloucester. These days, the building houses the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, with a new entrance added to the dock side.

The museum charts over 300 years of history of the Gloucestershire Regiment (or the Glorious Glosters as they are sometimes known). The regiment is one of the most decorated in the British Army, earning distinctions in the Napoleonic Wars and the defence of Dunkirk and became a household name in South Korea following it’s brave defensive action at the battle of Imjin River during the Korean War.

The museum has recently been extensively refurbished after being awarded a Heritage Lottery grant and donations from the South Korean Government. The museum will play an important role in the city’s World War I centenary commemorations.

Back Badge Square

The Square outside the museum was so named to commemorate the brave deeds of the 28th North Gloucestershire Regiment. At the Battle of Alexandria (21 March 1801) during the Napoleonic Wars, the regiment was caught in a surprise pincer movement during the early hours of the morning. Surrounded by the French, the commanding officer gave the immortal order “Rear rank 28th right about face.” Fighting back to back, the regiment successfully fought off the attack and was given the unique honour of wearing their insignia on the front and back of their headdress.


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